At Specialist Lift Services we provide an entirely independent lift design service which means that our choice of materials, components and 'design' layout is solely focused on the project requirements. Being free of the constraints of a narrow lift catalogue or brochure allows us to base our design on your project requirements first and foremost; efficiency of design before cost.

Our record shows that we deliver a client based, responsive solution that ensures an efficient scheme uniquely designed for each project. We encourage our clients to consult with us at the earliest possible opportunity as our wealth of experience assists in producing a sustainable, flexible solution in the best possible time frame and our past jobs portfolio is evidence that we take the greatest care to ensure the best, and most effective use of project resources. Active project management is the simplest way to ensure that any problems are dealt with promptly. We know that this is an area in which we excel and its proof is all too evident by the positive feedback we get from client and project managers alike. You will not be surprised to learn that on-site supervision of our proficient, enthusiastic workforce is closely monitored, and thereby we ensure best practice combines smoothly with ambition and hard work to produce results that we are proud of.